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When the Clapping Stops

"Auxesia Homes for Heroes Campaign" brings together institutional investors, registered providers, not for profit foundations and national housebuilders in an initiative that will help provide high quality new build affordable homes for NHS, Military and Emergency Service personnel throughout the U.K.

Over 100 years ago, Prime Minister David Lloyd George launched his Homes for Heroes campaign welcoming returning soldiers back from the front line in 1918. This initiative went on to provide many thousands of homes for individuals and families in need.

Today, Auxesia Homes calls on housebuilders across the country to work with us to provide more S106 affordable homes, or open market properties, and to make them available to Military Veterans, NHS staff and Emergency Service personnel using a variety of joint initiatives.

For example, our “Heroes Deposit" scheme has proven to be very attractive with shared ownership purchasers. Auxesia Homes promise to match the deposit paid, up to 5% of the property value, on any new property reserved by our priority customers.

In addition, occupiers of our properties are also offered access to FREE Mental Health and Wellbeing support as part of our Homes For Heroes initiative via the Anonymind Health and Wellbeing platform.

Chief Operating Officer of Auxesia Homes Ryan Blair adds “Auxesia Homes has been at the forefront of providing new homes for those who have served our country long before Covid 19 hit. We recognise now the clapping has stopped that Britain has a duty to continue to support those who have supported us. We simply can’t forget them and move on” 

With over 350 homes currently under construction across 30 new build developments, to be available on an Affordable Rent, Social Rent, Rent to Buy or Shared Ownership basis, we are seeking to expand our panel of housebuilders in an effort to realise our ambitions to provide more new homes each year.

For more information or to join our Homes for Heroes initiative, please contact us.
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