Paying your Rent


Keeping your rent payments up to date.

Paying your rent on time and keeping your account clear of rent arrears is extremely important. Your rent should be a priority payment, so if at any time you are having difficulty making the required payments you should speak to your Property Manager immediately.

We will offer all necessary support and advice. We do, however, take a firm approach, and any persistent failure to pay, and regular or large rent arrears, will put your tenancy at risk. General information, including assistance, is available upon request.

  • Our Property Management Team monitors and manages rent payments.
  • The team follows a procedure based on early intervention, the provision of appropriate support and advice, and quick escalation to legal action where early intervention does not resolve the problem.
  • Rent payments should be paid monthly but must be made in advance.
  • When you start your tenancy a payment agreement will be made with you. Typically rental is due on 1st of each calendar month. You will be required to pay one months' rent before your tenancy start date and make regular payments to keep your account in credit.


Auxesia Homes is committed to providing a variety of payment methods: The options available to you are below.

  • Standing Order - on 1st of each month 
  • Internet banking/Bank transfer


Struggling to Pay your Rent


Your dedicated Auxesia Homes Resident Engagement Officer is available to provide help, support and guidance to prevent debt escalating, and prevent tenants from losing their homes.


Auxesia Homes endeavour to collect all monies due to the organisation.


We will assist you as much as possible and can if necessary refer our tenants to external debt advice agencies and affordable credit providers (e.g. Credit Unions).


If you are actively involved with support agencies, Auxesia Homes will work with you to achieve the best possible outcome. We may also work in partnership with other agencies to ensure that every effort has been made to assist you with debt advice and income maximisation.