Personal Stories



"I arrived at Leon House on the 31st Aug 2018 after I became homeless due to a relationship breakdown, I was also unemployed at the time and had very little, if no money. Everyone was just really nice and very supportive and I was immediately made to feel welcomed. Auxesia Homes put a roof over my head and included a support package to help me get back on my feet. 


I served with Andy Reid in the The Yorkshire Regiment, and was on patrol with him the day he suffered life changing injuries. I helped administer first aid to him at that horrific moment, however, I’ve sometimes struggled dealing with the horrors of that day ever since. 


Whilst staying at Leon House for 4 months, I’ve received lots of guidance and support, including counselling from an experienced battlefield trauma psychotherapist. I’ve taken driving lessons and passed my test. Received CV writing and interview techniques, attended training courses, applied for various jobs and I’m now currently employed with Vital Rail.


With the continuous support from Auxesia Homes and Leon House, I’m now happy to announce that I’m due to move into a newly built 2 bedroom house within the next couple of weeks. I can’t thank everyone enough that’s helped me get my life together, I can now see a really positive future. 





 "I served in Armed Forces for 8 years and when I left I struggled to find work. With no family in the UK, I didn’t have a place to stay and couldn’t rent anywhere without proof of employment. Auxesia Homes was recommended to me as they help service leavers struggling to adjust. They offered me a wealth of advice and support, provided me with a place to live and assisted with my CV and interview techniques.


The facilities at Leon House are very good, and there are always friendly staff I can talk to. They have helped me through some really tough situations and have helped me to build my confidence. I can’t thank Auxesia Homes enough for everything they have done to help me get back on my feet. I don’t know what would have happened to me if I hadn’t had their support."




"My partner and I are extremely pleased with how quick and efficient the process with Auxesia Homes was. Working for the NHS I don’t have a whole lot of time to be searching for a home for our expanding family.


We contacted Joanne at Auxesia Homes via email from a Facebook post we saw. Within a day of emailing she had called us and arranged a viewing that very same day. From seeing the house, we knew it would be perfect for our soon to be family of three. We spoke to Joanne the day after and started the rent to buy process.”


Joanne has been extremely helpful through this entire process, seen as though this is our first house, she has also been extremely patient in answering any questions no matter how silly. Within 5 days from seeing the house we were signing the tenancy agreement and receiving the keys to our first home."





 "I am delighted with the service of Auxesia Homes. It was my first home and the process was quick, easy and efficient. Jo was my go to person and was always at the end of the phone whenever I needed anything.


I am a Nurse in the NHS, and it is welcoming to know many of my new neighbours are blue light and key workers also. I am in love with my new home and grateful to Auxesia Homes for providing a shared ownership opportunity to allow me to get on the property ladder."




005"We were looking into ways we could move away from spending hundreds on renting each month and actually own a home. We came across the shared ownership scheme and found a house with Auxesia Homes in the perfect area that we loved! 


We enquired online and very quickly afterwards, we were contacted by Joanne who fully explained all of the steps and how shared ownership would work for us. We decided to go for it! As a new build, we were kept fully informed throughout of any updates and even during Covid, she was able to arrange for us to view the house before completion. 


We are now living in our brand new home, the whole process has been as quick and smooth as it possibly could be and we are very happy with the property. Auxesia Homes have been quick to handle any minor issues and as we moved in, we were even given a bottle of Moet! Very thankful to Joanne and the Auxesia Homes team for getting us on the property ladder!"




006"From start to finish I have had the best experience and support! Joanne is an asset to the team and has made me feel so welcome.


The whole process is streamlined and efficient. I will certainly be recommending this to those I care about. Most paperwork was done by email and payments online.


I am genuinely so glad I have gone with Auxesia Homes. Thank you so much"




007"Our process of buying our shared ownership home as first time buyers the recommended solicitors and mortgage advisors have been brilliant, they keep us up to date and answered any questions that we didn’t understand with being first time buyer. 


During the process Joanne has been brilliant and always provided us with up to date information and gone out her way to make sure our sale went through smoothly and as quickly as possible. 


We couldn’t have been more grateful for everything during our time with yourselves the recommended solicitors and mortgage advisor."



008“I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first saw these properties advertised, however Joanne explained the scheme and we viewed the property on Tuesday. It was beautiful and we decided there and ten to go for it.


Joanne explained the process and emailed all the information needed, I complete the reservation form and an online application and by Friday of the same week I met Joanne at my new home to collect the keys! Now I’m looking forward to moving in and settling down, thanks to Joanne and her colleagues.”



009"As a newly married couple and my husband currently serving in the armed forces, the priority housing is in the rent to buy scheme was perfect for us.


This enabled us affordable housing while we saved for a deposit, the turnaround from viewing the property to moving in was very quick and Joanne has been very helpful and available to contact whenever we need her.


I would recommend Auxesia Homes to all family members and friends for future properties."





010"We are very happy in our new home. We had a very good experience with Auxesia and Jo kept us informed every step of the way. 


Thank you for your help and support, we are now settling in nicely. Service was really good and great information given and always kept in the loop, very happy.


Would recommend to others"






011"Auxesia Homes, what a great choice we made when we chose their homes.  Professional from the beginning. Joanne was great so helpful land made the process so easy. Joanne kept us up to date throughout.


Key exchange day and their was Joanne with prosecco and a card for us, how lovely and thoughtful and just beyond what we expected. 


Everything was fully explained to us in the welcome pack and we are looking forward to spending many happy years there."





012“We have found Auxesia a joy to work with despite delays due to the pandemic. Our house near Nantwich is set in a beautiful location and the whole process was managed professionally by the team. Ryan and Joanne are always on hand for a friendly conversation and update, and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.


Now having moved in, any issues big and small are dealt with professionally and smoothly. Living in a rural area, good quality housing was out of our price range until we were introduced to the beautiful house which is now becoming our forever home."



013"My experience of purchasing a shared ownership property has been a really good one, a little bit scary at times as I am a first time buyer and purchasing on my own, but any fears I had have quickly gone. I'm so happy to now be on the property ladder and the shared owner of a lovely new house. It's life changing really. 


It started with Joanne from Auxesia homes showing me around two shared ownership properties a 2 bed and 3 bed. During the viewing Joanne explained  the process of shared ownership and what to expect. During my purchase everything went just as Joanne had explained. It all went through quickly and smoothly. I still can't believe I am now in my own beautiful home, without shared ownership with Auxesia Homes it wouldn't have been possible, and what I love is I can purchase up to 100% of my home in the future.


I would highly recommend shared ownership with Auxesia homes to help get you on the property ladder."



"Very good experience of buying a house.  Joanne was very helpful with filling out the PDF documents as I had not done this before she is a credit to the firm thank you."



"From start to finish the service was fast, we saw the house we emailed that day to show our interest in a property.  Joanne was quick to phone us too arrange a viewing for myself and my partner.  This is our first house together and would like to thank Joanne and Auxesia homes for the opportunity to get on the housing ladder in a time that it can be extremely difficult.  Joanne is always on the other end of the phone if you have any concerns. Fantastic service from Auxesia homes and Joanne."



"What an amazing scheme and opportunity for giving Emergency Service and NHS workers the chance of getting onto the property ladder. Before coming across Auxesia Home we was in a private rental property where our money was dead. We had never heard of a scheme like it and would certainly recommend Auxesia to anyone. Joanne has been amazing from start to finish, so friendly and professional. We can wait to start our new adventure in our new home knowing a business appreciate the hard work we do. Thanks again"


"We had such a positive experience with Auxesia Homes.  Joanne was really helpful, and the process was so quick and smooth.  When I saw they gave preference to ex military and NHS workers I had to apply.  We now have a beautiful home and I cant wait to make lots of memories here."



"I cannot thank Auxesia enough for their help and support in finding our new home. The whole process from finding our home to getting the keys was so quick and only took two days from first point of contact.


Joanne was so lovely and guided me through the propcess which was so simple and because the majority of paperwork was online it was easy to complete from the comfort of home. Joanne was quick to respond to any enquiries I had and I felt completely at ease throughout.


Our new home is perfect. As an emergency worker it feels so lovely to come back to our home at the end of a long shift and I couldn’t be happier. I would 100% recommend Auxesia Homes to anyone."



"What a wonderful scheme to help people get back on the property ladder and so nice that they give preferential treatment to the Emergency services and NHS staff.  This has now given me the opportunity to eventually become a home owner.


Joanne has from the start been accessible and supportive and has responded to my queries in a timely manner. I felt confident in her ability to navigate the process and enable a smooth transition.


All house moves are stressful, however with her support and effective communication this was kept to as minimum. Thank you Joanne and the scheme from a very happy Laura and family have now found their forever home."



"Joanne Smith has played a huge part in acquiring our new home. At the very beginning of the process we were still living in South Africa and a friend of ours was shown the property by Joanne.


On our arrival in the UK, Covid 19 caused many delays for us in obtaining our home and at all times even after hours, Joanne was always available to assist us. She has been friendly and professional throughout us obtaining our home and we appreciate all she has done for us. She is a valued asset to your company, we feel."



"I have secured a rent to buy property thanks to Auxesia Homes.  I am a paramedic and was given priority to this home.


I am happy to finally be given the opportunity to have the option to buy this house.  I have always felt that I was throwing money away in rent and did not see a way out until now.  This now rent to buy scheme is an excellent way to secure the house of your dreams.

I would also like to comment on how excellent and professional Joanne Smith has been with helping me secure this property and what an asset she is to Auxesia Homes."



"From day one in the first phone call with Joanne we knew we selected the right company to help purchase a property through, Joanne’s bubbly and outgoing attitude and personality made it so easy to ask any questions (however silly we thought they were)

Throughout the whole process of buying the property Joanne kept us calm and in the loop of what was happening. The day of the keys handover it was the best feeling, Joanne went through everything with the property ect and also gave us a lovely card and bottle of champagne.


The whole experience of dealing and buying through Auxesia homes has been hassle and stress free.


We would like to say a big thank you to Joanne and the team, your help and support through all this has been a massive help."



"Joanne from Auxesia has been extremely helpful in the process of purchasing my house. She has been there every step of the way and has always been there to answer any queries. We look forward to spending many happy years in our new home."



"Without Auxesia homes and their incentive scheme for nhs workers we wouldn't have been in a position to buy a house currently. We are very grateful for their support and guidance throughout the process especially Ryan and Jo, they were always happy to answer questions and we love our new build property. Looking forward to the future."