Affordable Rent & Rent to Buy properties


We provide a comprehensive repairs service in order to keep our Affordable Rent and Rent to Buy properties in a good state of repair and ensure that we meet all legal and regulatory requirements.


Our Repairs and Maintenance service deals with four main areas of maintenance work:

  • Responsive repairs

  • Void repairs (repairs to empty properties)

  • Planned maintenance

  • Cyclical maintenance

As an Auxesia Homes tenant, you are expected to keep the property in good decorative order and undertake minor repairs.


Types of Repairs

Emergency Repairs – attended to within 24 hours.

This repair priority is used when there is an immediate threat to the health, safety or security of a tenant, occupant or property. We will aim to respond to emergency repairs within 3 hours. In some instances only a temporary repair will be carried out to make the situation safe and secure. Once this has been done, arrangements will be made with the tenant to fully complete the repair in an appropriate timescale, and tenants will be kept advised accordingly.


Routine Repairs – completed within 14 working days and by appointment.

Routine repairs are for defects that can be deferred without causing serious discomfort, nuisance or inconvenience to the occupants or third parties, or long term deterioration of the building.


Six Week Repairs – completed within 30 working days.

This category is for larger substantial repairs, where the tenant’s day to day life is not significantly affected or the work needs specialist manufacture. A repair would normally be ordered with this deadline after we have been to check a problem and found that we need to replace a large item in its entirety rather than just repair it. This priority allows for better resource planning and programming of non urgent, non routine repair works.

Programmed Repairs

These are works which have been identified as common to a number of properties in a geographical area, are of a non- urgent nature and are able to be delivered collectively as part of an investment activity scheme to deliver value for money. An example would be wholesale replacement of failed double-glazed units. Auxesia Homes will take a ‘batching’ programmed approach to such requests. Tenants will be kept fully informed of the programme, including extent of works and timescales for delivery.


How to Report a Repair

Repairs can be reported in the following ways:

Online - Click Here

By Telephone - Call 01565 648284

E-mail -

Auxesia Homes staff are available daily Monday to Friday to answer all enquiries in line with our customer access strategy and published opening times. During out of hours Monday to Friday, weekends and Bank Holidays, you can reach can contact our Emergency Repair Line by calling the same number.


Rechargeable Repairs

Auxesia Homes will actively seek to recover the cost of any repair which is not the responsibility of the landlord. Under the terms of the tenancy agreement, the tenant is responsible for any damage which is the direct result of their own, a member of their household or their visitor’s action or inaction relating to wilful damage, negligence or abuse.

Where a repair is identified and the defect is not a health and safety hazard, the tenant will be given the opportunity to have the repair carried out themselves at their own cost. Auxesia Homes will arrange a visit to inspect the work to ensure that it has been completed to our satisfaction.

Any rechargeable repair will be identified at the point of repair diagnosis or initial inspection, and liability confirmed. Work to be carried out on behalf of the tenant will be confirmed in writing.

Where the health and safety of any person would not be prejudiced, Auxesia Homes will require the cost of the repair to be paid for in advance of it being carried out. Auxesia Homes will exercise this right except where it believes that delay would adversely affect its interest in the property, health and safety is compromised (for example, gas or electrical repairs,) or where the vulnerability of the tenant is such that discretion is required.



Inspections can be classified as either pre-inspections or post inspections. Pre-inspections are sometimes needed to accurately diagnose reported problems and determine what work is required, or to support a vulnerable tenant who is seeking assistance on a defect.