Why Auxesia Homes


Our objective is to achieve and retain a leading position in our industry by providing quality homes at affordable prices as recognised by our customers, competitors and those who have a stake in our future success. We achieve this through:

Our People

Our Executive, operational and Board teams have a successful track record of property development, investment and housing together with former high ranking military personnel and special forces operatives. By promoting a culture of professionalism, teamwork, enjoyment and empowerment, we facilitate success.

Our Customers

By ensuring, to the very best of our ability, that we exceed our customers expectations.

Our Properties

By providing the highest quality homes possible, in the very best locations, at affordable prices that are consistently superior to our competitors.

Our Social Impact

By measuring our Social Impact independently, and contributing to the health and well-being of our customers on an ongoing basis.



Delivering on our Vision, Values and Objection

We are passionate about providing our primary customer group with outstanding places to live and enjoy - not just for today, but future generations too. We believe this is best achieved through providing value added services and an ongoing approach to supporting our customers throughout the tenancy and home ownership process.


  • Our success is driven by the skills and attitude of our people and we are committed to nurturing their talents. 
  • We are fully committed to working alongside development partners and local authorities to create new homes and new communities. We always aim to produce mutually beneficial results. 
  • We have strong governance and management practices together with a passion for working at a local level to ensure we deliver much needed homes. 
  • We will continue to work with stakeholders to ensure the highest standards of delivery are met, we strive to improve our services at every level and continue to improve the quality and value of our homes and communities we create.


Work with Auxesia Homes on your next development

We now seek to expand further our panel of house builders who wish to support our primary user group.

We are actively seeking to grow our pipeline of affordable properties for sale and rent across the north of England. We ask that you please consider Auxesia Homes when tendering bids on current or future schemes and join us in our efforts to create significant social impact amongst individuals and families who have served – or continue to serve – our country.




Email - newbusiness@auxesiahomes.co.uk

Telephone - 01565 648284